Cat Cuteness Overload
Cat Cuteness Overload

Good behaviour
While your kitten should receive a thorough examination from your vet, regular home check-ups of his ears, eyes, fur, skin and bottom will help alert you to any problems. Rewarding him with a treat when you have finished will teach your kitten to associate this experience with a positive outcome.
There will also come a time when you have to take your kitten to the vet or maybe the cattery and you will have to use a cat carrier. If you don't want a disappearing kitty every time he spots it, make sure he doesn't think every appearance will result in an unpleasant experience. Leave the carrier in the house so he can rub himself against it and mark it with his scent. Tempt him inside with treats so he will learn to associate it with a reward.
Good behaviour should always be rewarded, so he learns what gets him attention and nice things, and inappropriate behaviour tackled by removing the cause of it. Never smack or tell him off if he makes a mistake as he won't understand and you could be at risk of spoiling the relationship you have built up.
And finally, remember sleep is essential for health, growth and development, so don't be tempted to wake him up for a cuddle. Leave him in peace!